29. November 2015

Travel: Antwerpen & Package Free Store Robuust

If you know that Belgium is a really small country, you would maybe think that there can´t be any more travel destinations. But there was one city left that I really had to see: Antwerpen. You can find the city in the north of Belgium, where they all speak flemish. So if you want to order your Pizza, you might struggle with all the languages you should or maybe shouldn´t use. Like all the other smaller cities in Belgium, you can visit Antwerpen in one day. The city impressed me with the sweet small lanes and shops. For a coffee lover like me, this city has a lot to offer. 
The Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal is the big church in the historic center. I was most impressed by the beautiful archway. The belgian cities are famous for their museums, for example in Antwerpen you could vistit the Rubenshuis, where the artist Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) lived. Also the Grote Markt in he historic center is really famous. The fassades of the houses really have a lot of charme.

During my research concerning the Zero Waste Lifestyle, I came across the package free store "Robuust" in Antwerpen. So now that I visited the city, I also had to have a look at the store. And I was really impressed. Not only dry foods were available, but also oils, juices, spices, soap, washing detergent and so much more. These stores seem to appear more and more often, so I hope there will be one soon close to my home in Germany!

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